YOLY Challenge #39: Join Spring’s Balancing Act

Today we mark the the occasion of the spring equinox. A distinctive time of year when the length of day and the length of night become equal. Along with the autumnal equinox – it is the only period when we reach a point of true balance.balancing-rock-1273567__340

This is an auspicious time for tuning in to your surroundings. Think of it as an opportunity to become more modulated with nature.

Listening to the new bird songs of spring this past week has already set the stage for me.

It’s the perfect time to do some “garden meditating” or maybe a restorative posture on the patio. Even if your climate isn’t ideal right now, try to spend some time outside today to take advantage of this portal and attune to the harmony of nature.

If this is your first visit to the site and you would like to begin the Year of Living Yogically Challenge – start here!




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