Building a Steady Home Yoga Practice

yoga-682326__340After July’s Yoga Practice Challenge, I have fallen back into the meditation habit and it has done wonders! Once I complete my 6 minutes or so of daily breath work and meditation, I find that I have more energy and motivation to move onto whatever the day has in store. In addition, I have tried to incorporate one healthy observance into each week to enhance this vitality. If you haven’t been following along, check out the posts from last month to see what you have missed. To make things easy, I’ve provided audio recordings for you to follow along.

Since this monthly map for a daily meditation/pranyama practice was so successful for me, I plan to keep going. Each week this coming month, I will be introducing a new meditation or breathing technique. Our Monday Meditation series starts tomorrow!

Furthermore, and to expand the commitment, I will soon be introducing Friday Focus – my weekly objective for adding interest and freshness back into my own personal posture practice.

As a yoga teacher, I try to practice the postures daily but it doesn’t always work out that way. And why? Because I seldom have a set plan. Sometimes I will work with an audio recording, sometimes I will rehearse what I am teaching for the week, and sometimes I just resort to a standard sun salutation routine. What I truly need is creative, fresh motivation to get, joyfully, on my mat. If this is something you’ve been craving – join me. And, if you don’t have a personal yoga practice, that’s even better – this could be your start.

Looking forward to an amazing August!

Favorite Tips for Keeping Your Practice


We know that we feel wonderful after we complete our postures, breathing and meditations. So why is it that we still need incentive for making our yoga practice a habit?

Here are some of my tried and true recommendations that may help you return to your home practice again and again:

  1. Make it enjoyable – enhance your space with flowers or candles
  2. Find your inner teacher – listen to your body and select poses that speak to you
  3. KISS – keep it simple (silly) – pick only a few postures for each session
  4. Get assistance – besides classes, texts and audio recordings make good encouragement tools
  5. Set a timer – begin with 10 minutes/day then slowly add time as your practice develops
  6. Use music – this sets a mood and can add a soothing quality
  7. Practice with a friend – once in a while make a pact to meet and share ideas

Feel free to share your tips (or tricks)!